Regarding GMO products and the Whole Foods Market GMO controversy

Many of you may have noticed recently the stir in the news regarding the US company “Whole Foods Market” and their deceptive selling of GMO foods and products containing GMO ingredients. If you haven’t heard about it, you may find it worth watching this video highlighting these rather disturbing findings.

We would also like to clear up any confusion by clarifying that Buy Whole Foods Online is in no way connected to the Whole Foods Market (the US company), and we also never EVER sell any GMO products.

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Chia Seed Breakfast/Desert Recipe

This is one of my favourite breakfast recipes, as it tastes so creamy, and the frozen berries fool me into thinking I’m eating ice cream, especially if I blend them into the yogurt. Packed with high levels of calcium, vitamin C, fibre and essential fatty acids and numerous other beneficial nutrients, this is a fantastic way to start the day and keeps me full for a very good amount of time! What’s more is that it has no refined sugars, or awful sweeteners, and no un-natural ingredients. It’s also a great way to get those chia seeds in and working their wonderful benefits to your advantage early on in the day! If you’re dairy free, you can try it using a plain greek yogurt alternative and if you’re raw, why not try finding some raw yogurt or if you can source the ingredients, even try making your own raw vegan substitute Continue reading

Chia Seed Smoothie

This smoothie is a simple recipe that makes an excellent cooling snack and only takes a few minutes to make. What’s more is that it contains a high level of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. If you’re struggling to incorporate chia seeds into your diet, this is one of the many ways you can try! Be adventurous and if you’re missing some of the ingredients, why not substitute them with something else, and start to get a feel for the sort of healthy but delicious flavours you most enjoy! Take a look at this Chia Seed Smoothie recipe

Chia Seed Salad Recipe

Finding your salads too bland without adding naughty things to flavour them? This recipe shows one of many ways to get all those colourful nutrients and gorgeous greens while also adding flavour to them that not only tastes great but packed with healthy essential fats! Absolutely fantastic for your skin and wonderful cooling and enjoyable on a warm summers day! Continue reading

Chia Seed Digestibility – Some Interesting Facts

With any food, it’s not only the nutritional content of the food itself that’s important. If your body can’t digest the food well, then even if the food is very high in certain nutrients, your body can’t make use of these. Also important is which foods you eat together in what combination.

When it comes to chia seeds, we are very lucky in that chia is naturally much easier for us to digest than a lot of other foods, especially when it comes to seeds. Many seeds are very hard to digest if they are not already ground.

You can actually just eat chia seeds as they are and receive a lot of great benefits from them! However, this article goes into the different ways in which you can eat them, and shows an interesting experiment as to how these methods can increase or decrease your body’s ability to digest them. Read more about the digestibility of chia seeds

Chia Seed Benefits

Chia seeds are packed with an incredible array of super healthy properties that give numerous benefits to your health. This article explains about these different health benefits that can be gained by eating this marvelous little seed!

Some of these benefits are things like: Improving the endurance and stamina of runners and athletes, helping people trying to lose weight and also helping with brain function! Read more about all of the Chia Seed Benefits here

The Future’s Bright, the Future’s Chia-full! (Update on ACNFP Application)

As of February this year, the ACNFP (The Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes; a service-providing body of scientific experts whose job is to advise The FDA on relative novel food matters) have been asking for views on chia seeds – those benefit packed little chippers – due to an application from The Chia Seed Company, campaigning to at last allow the marketing of these wonderful seeds to extend to a variety of baked goods, fruit, nut and seed mixes and cereals; this a potentially far stretch from the outcome of the previous application. Read more about ACNFP views on Chia Seeds